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Airway Dentist w/ Dr. Mark Musso

On this episode of Get it Straight we are joined with our good friend Judd Johns to interview Dr. Mark Musso, dentist of Airway Dentistry. 

Dr. Musso has been in dentistry for 30 years, and in the last 15 years he has made his practice a focus on sleep, specifically in children. As we discuss with Dr. Musso, we learn that discovering problems in your children’s sleep habits can help us prevent sleep problems in the future such as sleep apnea. Children at a young age can have a harder time dictating when they have a poor night’s sleep. In a study it is shown that a sleep deprived child can have almost all the same symptoms as a child with attention deficit disorder. Sleep is important to monitor in children, as the placement of your mouth and breathing during rest can dictate the growth and development of your child’s jaw.

Airway Dentist with Dr. Mark Musso

Dr. Mark Musso found his passion of working with kids so he can help them have a better life in the long run. Disorders like sleep apnea, snoring, or grinding your teeth at night are all signs of a constricted airway. By working with different doctors in the medical field, like ENT’s, Dr. Musso has been able to collaborate and correct breathing and possible long-term health conditions. Dr. Musso’s goal is to eventually spread the word enough to educate health professionals on how researching the airway can provide valuable insight into a child’s development. Dr. Musso wants to foster better connections between dentists and other medical practitioners to be able to learn from each other. Sirotin and Dr. Musso, dive deep into airway focused dentistry and the overall effects this can have on developing children. The best way to identify a potential issue in your child is to observe the way they eat, sleep and drink, as airway problems can be seen in each of these categories.

Listen in as Dr. Musso walks us through airway dentistry, signs we should be looking for, and how symptoms such as mouth breathing and snoring can be a deeper issue.

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