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Orthodontic Culture & Efficiency w/ Dr. Chris Feldman

Welcome to another episode of The Get It Straight Podcast!

This time we’re back with another clip from our time at AAO. Today’s discussion is great for anyone seeking insight into orthodontic culture and tradition. Joining us for today’s talk is the esteemed Dr. Chris Feldman!

Dr. Feldman is a practicing orthodontist in both his hometown of New Iberia, as well as Lafayette, Louisiana. In the clip above, we also talk about some ways that you can improve your practice’s efficiency as an Ortho. Read on for a quick deep dive into some of the biggest takeaways!

An Early Passion For Orthodontics

Dr. Feldman credits ortho visits during his formative years as the start of his interest in the field. He’d continue to learn of its ever evolving work experience, and grew to appreciate the opportunities therein! As he puts it, “you can be your own boss, help people, make a good living, make your own schedule,” and so much more!

After determining that this was in fact his dream job, he’d set about making it a reality. Fast forward to now, and he’s both reaping all the noted benefits, while remaining intrigued with the field’s continued growth. Though it’s no walk in the park, as there are endless nuances and challenges, he still wouldn’t want things any other way!

Watch above to see our entire discussion with Dr. Feldman, which is packed with gems that any aspiring could learn from. We extend our deepest appreciation to Dr. Feldman for joining us, and we look forward to sitting down with him again in the near future!

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