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Friendly Competition – Warford vs Keith

Today, The Get It Straight Podcast hosts our good friends Dr. John Warford, and Dr. Dan Keith.

Both of these esteemed orthodontists practice out of Bismarck, ND. We decided to have them on to explore just what it’s like to share an area with a “competitor”. The beauty here, though, is that this is friendly competition.

As such, these two titans of orthodontics were gracious enough to sit down with us to give their expertise on the subject. While we’ve covered Dr. Warford many times on the platform, Dr. Keith is a new face to the GIS Podcast. Read on to learn what it’s like for the two experts to co-exist in the same market.

Once he got his first taste of the field, he was hooked. Dr. Bovenizer would go on to open his own orthodontist’s office in the mid 2000’s. He’d even begin construction of the space while still taking part in his residency. Though this seems like a huge undertaking for a resident, Dr. Bovenizer felt a conviction he couldn’t ignore. By May of 2006, he was off to the races.


Dr. Dan Keith


Dr. John Warford

Mutual Respect For Each Other’s Craft

Though they are competitors, these two orthos are anything but adversarial to one another. Instead, they gush over how well they’ve gotten along since meeting one another. Dr. Keith even notes how Dr. Warford  “took [him] under his wing,” early on. But if they’re marketing to the same kind of clients, how could this be?!

The truth is that Dr. Warford and Dr. Keith are committed to the idea of bringing quality dental services to the community. It’s about serving others, including your peers and contemporaries. Plus, the pair’s respect for one another’s journey’s is unparalleled. You can check out their takes in the clip above!


Dr. Keith goes on to discuss how valuable ODO has been in assisting him as an orthodontist. He notes how it’s totally simplified his efforts with regards to the care and convenience of his patients.

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