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AAO ‘23 Scriptagram

Scriptagram began its journey within the practice of Dr. Chris Cosse and Jeff Silmon.

The team noticed they were consistently running behind, and patients’ hygiene was not up to par. This realization sparked the idea for Scriptagram, an innovative platform designed to keep patients informed and educated about their dental health journey through the power of video.
With video content rapidly growing in popularity and efficacy, Scriptagram seized the opportunity to create educational content that could reinforce and supplement in-person appointments. The Scriptagram team recognized that information delivered verbally during consultations often didn’t stick with patients, especially given the complex nature of dental care procedures. 

Enter Scriptagram – a platform offering a library of informative videos designed to help patients remember and understand vital dental health information. It became a powerful tool to ensure patients received the right information at the right time, even outside of their appointments. By focusing on patient education, Scriptagram could help reduce unnecessary appointments, streamline dental practices, and ultimately improve patients’ dental hygiene.

Starting from the ground up in Louisiana, Ashley Copeland and the Scriptagram team have now created a platform that combines efficiency, education, and proactive care. Scriptagram has taken a simple concept – video education – and transformed it into a tool that can revolutionize dental practices and patient experiences. As Ashley puts it, in our fast-paced world where we are constantly juggling multiple tasks, these videos can be a time-saver and a way to enhance patient understanding of dental hygiene. With Scriptagram, the power to improve dental health is now in the hands of the patients, making their journey to a perfect smile smoother and more informed.