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2022 Consumer Trends

Today’s GIS discussion comes courtesy of the 2022 AAO convention. Our hosts were fortunate enough to lock in multiple guests for today’s clip.

There’s Dino Watt, of; Brian Wright, founder of Wright Chat and the New Patient Group; and David Fitterling, of Dental Monitoring. The group comes together to discuss some of the most popular consumer trends of 2022!

We begin with a brief introduction of each key player, starting with David. He serves as “the Director of Business Development for North America… I try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.” Dino, on the other hand, “[focuses] on helping leaders magnify who they are and what they do… and [unifying] teams.” And last but not least, Brian helps connect providers with patients via his respective organizations.

Aligners and Tech

One of the main trends that the group spotted while at AAO are aligners. This is fairly unsurprising, given their recent rise in popularity. Another big trend seems to be the hunt for automated services and solutions. Technology to cut down on service delivery times is a big priority for most incoming patients.

As the team points out, it all boils down to convenience. This isn’t to suggest that such undertakings are simple. In fact, without the right guidance and understanding, you can find yourself frustrated and working backwards. That’s where our esteemed guests and their quality services come into play.

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The group goes on to discuss even more trends, including the demand for on-site aligner printing. Be sure to watch the clip above in full for some great insight into these burgeoning trends.

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