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OrthoBrain with Dr. Dan German


The Get It Straight Podcast is back with yet another clip from our time at AAO 2022.

Once again, we’re joined by a great intellect from the dental world. Dr. Dan German is nice enough to join us for a discussion. Dr. German is the founder of OrthoBrain, a company that makes it easier to incorporate orthodontic services in any dental practice.

Dr. German comes equipped with a wealth of experience in the dental industry. He has over 20 years worth of sweat equity invested into the space. “Once a dentist, always a dentist,” rings out as the episode begins. For more from Dr. German’s credentialed perspective, check out the video to this episode above!

What Is OrthoBrain?

Dr. German’s resume speaks for itself. 

Check out this blurb from the OrthoBrain about page noting his various credits:

So what exactly is OrthoBrain? Think of it as a consulting service. As stated, its direct aim is to help dental practices incorporate orthodontic services into their practice’s purview. This not only shows your practice to be versatile, but it also directly correlates to an increased chance of income.

Helping Practices Grow

Dr. German credits his time as a dentist as the motivating force behind OrthoBrain. Knowing firsthand how difficult it can be to adequately transition into offering these services, Dr. German saw a golden opportunity to help fellow providers avoid these concerns.

You can check out the OrthoBrain website here for more info.

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