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Man & Machine, Keyboards & Mice

We’re back with more from our time at the 2022 AAO conference.

Today’s episode features Danielle Polly, the account manager for “Man and Machine.” This wonderful brand “runs the game when it comes to computer peripherals and custom hardware engineering solutions.”

Since the early 80’s, their “focus has been infection control for the medical and dental space.” Why should this be a priority? Because, unbeknownst to the untrained eye, many tech pieces in an ortho office are contaminated with dangerous germs and pathogens. This goes from the larger equipment, to something as simple as a keyboard. As such, it’s imperative that you have effective solutions to mitigate things.

Killing Your Keyboard’s Germs

If you’re concerned about your keyboard’s hygiene, Man and Machine has just what you need! Their keyboards are easy to sanitize, eliminating the issue altogether. There’s some nifty sprays and wipes that come in handy in between appointments. They even come with an external cleaning apparatus, known as an autoclave for more in depth sanitization.

But what about the electronic aspect of your parts? For example, how can you clean a keyboard if water is damaging to it. No need to worry with Man and Machine’s products! “The keyboard actually will work underwater.” What an innovative piece of equipment!

Working With The GIS Podcast

These products are durable and effective, which helps to make your practice more efficient and safe. They come in a range of sizes with varying attributes to fit whatever your practice needs may be.

Check out the clip above to hear more on Man and Machine. Be sure to give their website a glance as well; we’re sure you’ll find something of value! And for anyone wondering how to get their brand featured on The Get It Straight Podcast, it’s simple! Reach out to us today to discuss a feature on our next episode!