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DeRoode Orthodontics

We’re back with another clip from our time at the 2022 AAO conference.

It was a wonderful event where subject matter experts and providers attended en masse. It really highlighted just how broad and diverse the industry is. For today’s talk, we spoke with the good people over at Deeroode Orthodontics.

Joining us from Deeroode is Dr. Elaine Deerode, along with Dr. Pietri. According to the website, Dr. Deerode “is a Board Certified Orthodontist, specializing in Children and Adults. [She] is also a clinical faculty member at the Florida Institute for Higher Dental Education.”

Journey to Deeroode

Dr. Pietri begins the discussion telling of how she found her way to Dr. Deeroode. After a few virtual talks, she could already tell that this is where she wanted to be. This leads to a larger discussion on the inclusion of more women in the orthodontic space.

Historically, the ortho field has been a male dominated one. It wasn’t until recently that we’ve seen a spike in representation for women. This is a great trend, and we want to see that uptick sustain and grow further! “We are in [a] healthcare profession… we’re caring as women,” declares Dr. Deeroode. And if these two professionals are any indication, it’s a much needed and welcomed overhaul!

Appear On The Next GIS Podcast

AAO was the perfect place to conduct these on the go podcast episodes. That’s because so many people attended! It goes to show that not only are there huge numbers in the field, but that many participants are constantly looking to strengthen their practices.

Be sure to listen to the rest of our episode with Drs. Deerode and Pietri. And if you’re ready to have your brand spotlit on GIS, contact us today! We’re always looking for thought leaders and providers to join us and give their take on the state of the industry.