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Weight Control With Jaw Wiring

The beauty of keeping up with orthodontic health is that it affects more than just your dental well being.

In fact, it bleeds over into several other aspects of your body. Joining us to discuss the extent of this, is Dr. Ted Rothstein.

Dr. Rothstein “is the inventor of a weight control system… called the 13th Dental Specialty. It… uses brackets that allow people to open their mouth just enough to talk normally, but not eat solid foods.” The system, also known as OJW (orthodontic jaw wiring) is revolutionizing weight control in some big ways!

Jaw Wiring For Weight Loss

The apparatus is constructed to fit each individual patient. You may be asking, “does it hurt like normal braces?” And the answer is no! The only difference is that you won’t have enough space to open your jaw for bites of solid foods. This way, your jaw stays in what’s known as the physiologic rest position. It’s all a very unique take on weight management, and has already served many of Dr. Rothstein’s clients well!

So what are the metrics that you can expect with taking on this option? The results are shocking! After only three months of being fitted with these, you can expect up to 30lbs of weight loss. You simply wear them for a little over a month, then take them off for five days. Then they go back on to repeat the cycle. It’s simple, and the most important part, it actually works!

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