Marketing ideas for orthodontic offices

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Almost every day, we hear from people who want to know more about how to grow an orthodontic practice

The truth is: some of the best orthodontic marketing ideas can be started without help from an expensive agency

Then — once your practice grows a little more — an expert in orthodontic marketing can help you achieve even better results that generate more growth. 

Here are some time-tested marketing tips for how you can start growing and marketing your orthodontic practice. 

Orthodontic marketing ideas you can pursue on your own

Supporting your practice’s online presence starts with a few baseline tweaks that you can implement. 

Keeping up with your online presence will start giving you an extra bit of edge. 

You may be wondering. What’s our angle here? Why are we giving away these free orthodontic marketing ideas

Well, since you asked … 

We know that once you get started, these results will speak for themselves

And when the time comes for you to hand over the keys to a dedicated orthodontic marketing agency, we’ll be waiting for you. 

Build relationships with dentists in your area

Referrals from local dentists are one of the best ways to attract new patients. Patients already know and trust their dentist, so they will naturally trust you if the dentist refers them to you. 

Find time each month to reach out and connect with local dentists. You’d be surprised how much ROI you can get from a conversation over a cup of coffee

Ever heard the expression most business is done on the golf course? It means you will be more likely to gain the trust of someone if you think about it like making a new friend instead of as a business transaction. 

Like anything, make sure to thank dentists for any referrals. Send them a hand-written card or a small token of your gratitude. 

Ask your loyal patients to write reviews

One of the first things that prospective patients do is read online reviews. Unfortunately, many people who write reviews are doing so because they feel dissatisfied. No matter how good of an orthodontist you are, it’s impossible to avoid the occasional naysayer. If left unchecked, negative reviews can quickly drag down your brand. 

Balance out negative reviews by asking some of your patients to write their own reviews. You can incentivize patients by offering a reward like a further discount or a gift card giveaway. Don’t kid yourself, positive reviews are worth their weight in gold

Ask patients for feedback ASAP. Sending them a polite thank you note after their appointments can increase the likelihood of a positive review. Pro-tip: if you do this step through email, it gives you the opportunity to include direct links to your Google Reviews, Facebook, or Yelp pages. 

Make sure to try to resolve any negative issues with patients. Hearing out why someone is upset is an opportunity to score a customer service win for your practice. 

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Engage with your community

Simple weekly posts that include before-and-after shots, information about community engagement, or fun facts about your staff help your current patients know that you value them. 

While this kind of interaction doesn’t necessarily grow revenue, it does help people higher in the funnel find you. Plus, regular posting on social media will help improve the reach of your future paid social campaigns. 

Additionally, if you are doing something that is noteworthy — like offering a unique service or if you work with celebrity clients — then you may be surprised at how much value these types of posts can create.

What can an orthodontic marketing agency like Brain Bytes do?

Once you’re ready to take the leap and get serious about your orthodontic marketing, drop us a line.

We specialize in generating revenue and keeping your costs down.  

Unlocking the power of a dedicated SEO, design, content, and PPC marketing strategy allows you to enjoy more predictable and lasting growth. 

Here’s how Brain Bytes get more wins for your practice: 

Implementing a well-designed website

Your website is your first touchpoint with prospective patients. An attractive, user-friendly interface that works well on mobile and desktop versions will be more likely to win conversions.

Creating engaging content

Content is the voice of your brand. Our writers create exclusive content that educates patients and positions you as a trusted thought leader.

Focusing on social media

Establishing a social media presence strengthens your relationships with your existing clients and highlights your efforts. 

Boosting results with PPC marketing

PPC helps generate more income for your practice. We leverage targeted campaigns to convert users who are further down the funnel. 

Building on local SEO

67% of Google users don’t look beyond the first page of search results. SEO optimizations help you appear higher in your local search results which increases your SERP position, giving you a leg-up on your competitors. 

Marketing for orthodontic offices is kinda our thing. Let us help!

Finding the right strategy for your orthodontic practice can make all of the difference. With a multi-channel approach, it’s much easier to capture users using organic and paid best practices. 

As low-ego professionals, we help you develop a unique strategy for your practice with an authentic and real presence

We’d love to tell you more marketing ideas for orthodontic offices. Let’s set up a time to chat about your needs.