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CRO case study: how we skyrocketed lead gen by 63.83%

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  • October 10, 2018

Ever wondered about the impact conversion rate optimization could have on your business? Or whether CRO is all it’s cracked up to be? We’re here to answer your questions. This case study explains how Brain Bytes Creative skyrocketed lead generation for an orthodontics supplier by 63.83% in less than one year using a multifaceted Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategy involving:

  • A data-driven hypothesis
  • The scientific method
  • AB testing
  • An iterative process for continual optimization

A glimpse at the data:


Read on to learn about our strategy, process and results.

Untapped potential

As part of our ongoing analyzation, the CRO team at Brain Bytes Creative looks at qualitative data like customer surveys and session replays as well as quantitative data — click rates, scroll data, on-page analytics. Looking at on-page analytics, we noticed the conversion rate for a particular product category was relatively low, 0.15%.


Before deciding what to test, we looked deeper into our observation used several methods of analysis:

  • Page analytics (drop-off rate, bounce rate, time on page, etc.)
  • Analysis of design elements, copy, visual cues, placement of CTA’s on the page
  • Session replays of users interacting with the site
  • Heat mapping with scroll and click data

Our hypothesis

The most insightful data we found through our analysis were the high bounce and drop-off rates from pages in this product category, as well as indications of user frustration during session replays. From this data, we crafted two hypotheses:

  1. Featuring a “Request More Info” button on each individual product page (in addition to the one in the main navigation) will increase form submissions (leads)
  2. Moving the contact form fields above the fold on mobile will reduce user frustration and increase form submissions (leads).

Results: data doesn’t lie

Once our hypothesis was created, we began our tests and let the data speak for itself. The results were clear: the new variations drastically outperformed the old one.

Before our recommendation was implemented, our client was missing out on lots of conversions from pages that didn’t have “Request Information” buttons — many desktop pages and all mobile pages. By optimizing the design to introduce a next step for users, we increased overall and mobile conversions by ↑63.83%.

The bottom line: ROI + business impact

Assuming the average lead is worth $500, we increased revenue by $15,000 in just three months… an impressive ROI for our client.

Numbers like this are hugely impactful, but not surprising given the amazing potential that CRO holds for a company’s bottom line. In fact, the average ROI for investing in a conversion rate optimization strategy is 223% according to this study which evaluated 3.1M websites.

In the world of doing business online, it’s hard to imagine a strategy that correlates more directly to business success than increasing conversions. And it’s hard to imagine a better method for optimizing conversions than through iterative experimentation. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO put it bluntly: “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day…”


The Brain Bytes Creative strategic approach

The Brain Bytes Creative approach to CRO is experimentative, iterative, and data-driven. We work in cycles of scrutinizing data, creating hypotheses, testing, implementing the best-performing variations… and return again to the first step of monitoring and scrutinizing data.


This means that while the example in this case study yielded significant results, it’s just a small glimpse into what our ongoing iterative approach encompasses.

What’s next?

Thanks for reading! Hope you learned something and enjoyed this case study. Ready to give your conversions a lift? Brain Bytes Creative offers specialized conversion rate optimization services using funnel analysis, user flow optimization, heatmapping, session replays, form analytics, and optimization, and of course, A/B testing. Read more about our CRO services or contact us!

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