The Get It Straight Podcast

Embrace Your Practice

Here is the second episode recorded during our time at 2022’s AAO conference.

This time, we were joined by two very esteemed guests, hailing from the Embrace Your Practice consulting group. Cathy Jugovic and Angie Menendez are thought leaders in their field. They help practices maximize their potential with competent advice.

“We’re loud and proud,” Cathy exclaims at the start of the show. And with quality, value-add services like theirs, it’s easy to see why! For just under a decade, they’ve provided round the clock support to their ortho counterparts. Part of this comes from their extensive background in the orthodontic space.

Over 25 Years In Orthodontics

The pair were in the field for 25 years plus, establishing a solid understanding of its functionality. During this time, their synergy became undeniable. It was the perfect breeding ground for what they do now. From evaluating new spaces for orthos, to recommendations for technology, and beyond; they do it all.

“Within the first two hours [of consulting] we know what this issue is.” They hear their clients out, and develop the most comprehensive plan for success. Their expertise essentially means on demand conflict resolution for orthos at any stage in the field.

Speaking With GIS

“If we’re going to be consultants, we’re not going to be the average consultant.” Instead of the boilerplate, stuffy, text-heavy approach that most consultants undertake, they sought a more hands on approach. They dive into your practice, and treat it as if it were their own.

You can hear the rest of our amazing podcast with Embrace Your Practice in the clip above. This is just the start of our talks with subject matter experts at AAO. Be sure to check back in, as we’ll be posting the remainder of what we captured in the coming weeks!