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Braces Academy & Ortho Screening

Welcome back to the Get It Straight Podcast!

Today marks the beginning of a very special series in our episodic list. GIS had the distinct pleasure of attending the famed AAO conference this year. Every year, the American Association of Orthodontists hosts a massive conference, where thousands of orthos come to bond over the latest and greatest in ortho news.

We took the opportunity to interview a string of notable practitioners in the field. The result was some of our best podcasting to date! First up, we spoke with our good friends at Braces Academy.

The GIS Podcast Goes Mobile

Joining us from Braces Academy and Ortho Screening are Dr.’s Chris Cosse and Stephen Gillum, both of whom are returning guests to the show. The pair discuss their experiences in past years’ conventions, as well as some of the new tech featured at this year’s presentation. “It’s the spot where everybody in the industry comes together.”

They also speak to the overall value they feel they walk away from AAO with. Regardless of your current priorities or value sets, you’re guaranteed to find something new and of intrigue that can add even more value to your current efforts.

Why Go To AAO?

Given the fallout of the 2020 pandemic, AAO was forced to pause for a short time. Though there was clearly a legitimate safety concern, still, the void left in its wake was felt by all who know the session to be as valuable as it is. Luckily, things picked up right where they left out this year!

Be sure to check back in for more on our 2022 AAO trip. We were able to connect with some awesome people that clued us into some great happenings. Check out the rest of our interview with Dr. Cosse and Dr. Gillum in the clip above!