The Get It Straight Podcast

A Progressive Dentist

As one of our previous guests noted, many in the dental field are “creatures of habit.”

It can be difficult getting practitioners to expand and explore, especially if they’re already experiencing success. But, the opportunity to expand that success is ever present.

That’s why its so refreshing to meet providers with a more progressive outlook on their practice. Hence why the Get It Straight Podcast had to have our latest guest, Dr. George Noeson, or “The Progressive Dentist” as we’ve taken to calling him, is the owner of Noeson and Associates, based in Red Wing, MN.

Dentistry: No Joking Matter

As Dr. Noeson notes, this episode was recorded on April Fool’s Day. But the value he adds to the dental space is anything but a joke. For three and a half decades, Dr. Noeson has provided his patients with top level care, and a forward thinking mindset.

Part of this progressive approach comes from Dr. Noeson’s past experiences. He’s operated at occupied a few different positions on the dental ladder during his time in the space. This firsthand experience has allowed him to develop a more complete perspective, which he uses to maximize the positioning of his practice altogether.

Working With The GIS Podcast

Even with a progressive mindset, there are always blindsides that you simply can’t account for. But, with the right effort, commitment, and understanding, there’s little one can’t overcome. Dr. Noeson is a testament to this notion. Learn more about his journey and current status in the industry in the clip above. He’s welcome on our platform anytime!

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