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The Social Media Maven

Today we have a special episode of the Get It Straight Podcast.

We’ll be speaking with “The Social Maven”! Her real name is Dr. Susan Prater, and she’s the owner of Kernan Family Dental, based in Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Prater is a unique case, as she is an esteemed influencer in the space.

She’s marked by her astounding social media presence, with a following that’s over 10,000 strong. Her posts garner a great deal of attention, and once you hear what she has to offer, you’ll understand why! Read on to learn more.

Social Media: A Tool For Professional Expansion

A graduate of UGA, Dr. Prater would go on to “[achieve] her DDS from the medical college of GA.” After receiving her degrees, she’d become one of the most sought after voices in the dental community. It’s wild to think that her journey to becoming a recognized influencer only began in 2020.

In the wake of the pandemic, the need for expanding one’s digital reach became completely necessary for professional survival. This rings true in virtually all industries. For Dr. Prater, she saw this as an opportunity to maximize her social presence, and maximize it she did. Can you believe that prior to this, she hadn’t even posted a story to Instagram yet?!

The Get It Straight Podcast

Once she began posting more frequently, social media did the rest! After about six months of guided marketing, her number began to balloon. Fast forward to now, and she’s carved out a lane whose value can’t be denied.

Check out the clip above to hear all about her journey, as well as what’s next for the budding dentist. Many thanks to Dr. Prater for joining us; we hope to have her back soon! Are you a dentist or orthodontist looking to share your story in conversation? Contact us today to be featured on the Get It Straight Podcast!