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How Walraven is Connecting Brands to Parents

There’s no age limit when it comes to correcting your smile.

In fact, adults make up a quarter of the patients seeking orthodontic treatment. But as this shows, the whopping majority of patients are children. This outlines the importance of marketing services to parents.

Here’s where companies like Walraven prove their immense worth. That’s why the Get It Straight Podcast has chosen to feature them on today’s episode. Speaking on behalf of the company is their Director of Sponsorships, Lauren Newby. Read on to learn about how they’re bridging the gap between patients and practitioners.

Orthodontics In School

So how does Walraven make this connection? It’s actually quite interesting! First, they take on orthodontists as clients, then partner with schools all over to bring “custom [ortho] supplies” to students. This partnership gives orthodontists a direct pipeline to their biggest target demographic.

Parents are given full transparency in these provisions, complete with a full understanding of the value they’ll add to their kids’ smiles. This is a big resource for parents, particularly those who are unable to reach their neighboring providers. And for orthos, you’re getting premium advertising at a fraction of what a normal impression would cost.

Expanding Access With GIS

A sort of sad reality is that dental work, and healthcare in general is oftentimes inaccessible for most. Resources like Walraven connect the right dots to alleviate stress points for all parties. Learn more about just how they achieve this goal in the clip above.

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