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The Science Of Orthodontics

We probably don’t have to tell you how intricate a field orthodontics can be.

It’s a combination of methodology with scientific foundations, bedside manner, and so much more. Today, the GIS Podcast is breaking these inner workings to an understandable degree.

We welcome our special guest, Dr. Charles Taylor, of the LSU Health Sciences Center. Dr. Taylor serves as the Director of Digital Fabrication, and yes, the job is a complex as its title suggests. Read on to learn more about Dr. Taylor’s experience, and how he’s helping to shape the paths of future orthos everyday!

A True Force In The World Of Academia

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that Dr. Taylor’s credentials justify his position in totality. “He’s headed biomedical research development at multiple schools… he’s worked as a consultant for orthodontic manufacturers, and is a thought leader in material science software systems.. and breakthrough processes”.

Though he operates primarily in the academic space, Dr. Taylor’s knowledge is valuable well beyond the walls of any one institution. It’s interesting to think that he got his start “working… on transgenic mice.” Several positions and experiences later, and he’s one of the foremost minds housed at LSU. It’s a true delight hearing him articulate how the complex processes he’s trained in are ever-present in the orthodontic world.

Navigating Orthodontics With GIS.

As we’ve stated before, improvements in technology have a direct correlation to the progression of orthodontics. In particular, the advancements when it comes to tooth movement show great promise for the field altogether. You can hear more of the nitty, gritty details in the clip above.

If there’s any major takeaway from this conversation, it’s that the mechanisms behind orthodontics are vastly complex. It’s a reminder of how much we should be applauding those who are able to find success in its bounds. If you are an operational orthodontist, we’d love to celebrate you on our podcast! Contact us today to be featured on our next episode!