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Orthodontic Dreams Vs. Reality

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where our host Jason Sirotin speaks with the most interesting figures in orthodontics.

We’re back with yet another great discussion, this time joined by Chris Bentson, President of Bentson, Copple, and Associates. The company assists practices with a laundry list of support features.

As Jay notes, these include “staffing, helping them sell,” and much, much more! For many orthodontists, managing the business side of the space can be a lot to take on. Resources like BC&A are the perfect helping hand to maximize revenues.

Getting Informed On Ortho Early

One of the key understandings that Chris notes observing in his career is the uphill battle that orthos face. “I found that, on the business side, orthodontists get so little training, and are so hungry.” The need was clear, and few, if any practitioners were averse to the kind of support BC&A provides.

Many orthodontists credit Chris directly with opening their minds to enterprising in the field. The beauty of what BC&A, and even our own host Judd Johns accomplishes, is that it starts early. They don’t wait for you to become an ortho to embed these understandings. They reach out to ortho-hopefuls while they’re still in school to help establish a solid foundation all prior to starting their practices.

The Future Of Orthodontics

As things like technology have progressed, so has the orthodontic industry. This has opened a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities that previously weren’t so accessible. It bodes well for the future of orthodontics, and will hopefully lead to even more people developing an interest in the space.

Be sure to check out the discussion in full at the clip above. Like most of our episodes, it’s packed full of vital information, regardless of your current standing in the industry. Contact us today to get your practice features on the entry!