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The Ninja Dentist

One of the saddest realizations that many are faced with comes with the intersection of passion and revenue.

We are all born with an innate desire for specific past times. These are often unique to the individual; something that brings you fulfillment. These are the things you’d do for free all day if circumstances allowed.

But, unfortunately we all have financial obligations, and it’s not often that you can make your passion your money maker. That’s where the dental and orthodontic space stands out. The flexibility it offers allows for the pursuit of such endeavors. And there’s no story that illustrates this more than that of the Ninja Dentist!

The Strain Of Dental Work

This awesome nickname is held by Dr. Desiree Walker, the founder and owner of Lumber River Dental. So how did she get this eye grabbing moniker? Dr. Walker is not only a world class dentist, but she’s a repeat competitor on the famed show “American Ninja Warrior.”

There’s even a unique connection between her work in dentistry and her physical activity. Dr. Walker began experiencing extreme back pain as a result of the physical demands of her practice. Hours of leaning of patients took its toll, leading her to turn to fitness to strengthen her body. It clearly stuck, given her numerous appearances on the aforementioned show.

How ODO and GIS Help Dental Workers

It’s important to note that another great resource that allowed her to ease the tension on her frame is ODO. Automating her treatments meant less physical demand, more free time, etc.

Again, this is yet another testament to the value that this space can offer its members. If you’re seriously considering a career in the dental and orthodontic fields, the Get It Straight Podcast may be the resource to push you over the line into pursuit. Be sure to check out our extensive episode list to learn more. Also, if you’re a practice owner and want to be featured, contact us today!