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Data Is Beautiful

The advancement of technology has caused a ripple effect in industries across the board. Data has become king, as it allows you to completely overhaul your marketing efforts.

The orthodontic space is no different. The more you are able to track and collate your consumer data, the more you can focus efforts to turn over more business.

Joining our host for this valuable discussion are actually two repeat guests. Suzanne Wilson, the COO of Gaidge, is back, this time discussing her own experience with managing client data. Also present is Dr. John Warford, whose esteemed opinion is always welcomed on the Get It Straight Podcast!

How Information Helps

As Suzanne points out, Gaidge is not only a brand, but also an actual “software product. [They provide] financial and operational metrics… [includes] benchmarks pulled from well known industry consultants,” and so much more. The goal is to put the progress of your company into a neat bow of statistical details.

Is it a sign of the times? Absolutely! Not “leveraging your data to understand what’s happening in your business” is an easy way to miss out on quality progress. It’s an opportunity to enhance your practice all around, benefitting not only you, but also your patients!

Maximizing Your Data At Gaidge

The benefits here go far beyond any dollar amount.
There is no price you can put on the peace of mind it comes with. Though it takes some doing, the payoff is well worth investment. This is where Gaidge excels in adding value to its clients.

You can hear more about data and how powerhouses like Gaidge help to maximize yours in the clip above. Be sure to check out their site for more information on how they may benefit your current efforts. Also, looking to get your practice featured on the Get It Straight Podcast? We’d love to hear from you and your team!

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