The Get It Straight Podcast 

The Price Of Beauty

The orthodontic industry is marked by its lucrative nature, on top of the freedom it offers many of its doctors.

The benefits also extend to patrons of the field in the form of a stronger smile. But at what cost do these pros come?

Here to discuss as always are our esteemed hosts, marketing guru Jason Sirotin, and ODO CEO Judd Johns. Today, they’re joined by Stephen Sweeney, who serves as Chairman of the Board at iCredit Works. Read on to learn more about Stephen, and how iCredit Works helps manage the costs that Ortho patients have ahead of them.

Dealing With The Cost Of Quality Treatment

When it comes to pricing at an orthodontic practice, there are so many nuances. “Some aligners are $1800, some are $5,000… some docs finance all of their cases, some at 0% APR.” What metrics determine these distinctions? And more importantly, how can patients adapt to the financial burden.

With the advent of relevant technological advancements, now more than ever, quality care is more accessible. That’s where iCredit Works comes into play. The group has been operational for over 30 years. Their main goal is to assist in financing treatments, allowing “the provider to offer flexible options to a patient.” This is accomplished without compromising dependable treatment.

Pushing The Space Forward With GIS

It wasn’t always this way, though. As Stephen notes, changing the tides can be difficult in an industry that was once as rigid as the dental space. But as the clip demonstrates, there are now more opportunities to completely revolutionize the past approach.

Watch the video above to get the full scope straight from a qualified subject matter expert. This is the kind of information you can depend on the Get It Straight podcast to provide regularly. Be sure to check back in as we update our archives with valuable information on a consistent basis. And if you’re a practicing Ortho, don’t hesitate to inquire about being featured on a future episode!