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The Wide Lens Of Ortho Relationships

The beauty of the orthodontic space is that there is often little competition.

This comes as a result of orthodontists offices being spaced out quite a bit by location. As a result, it opens the door for members of the field to compare notes in an effort to assist in everyone’s prosperity. In short, ortho relationships are the best!

This goes not only for the relationships between doctors, but also that of doctors and their patients! To help highlight this connective tissue, figuratively speaking, today we are joined by a host of subject matter experts. Speaking with our hosts is repeat guest Dr. John Warford, along with Dr. Nomi Mujahid, a dentist based in Jacksonville, Florida.

What Dental Automation Means For Everyone

Dr. Mujahid holds the distinction of running one of the most state of the art practices in both his locale and beyond! Rounding out the cast is an actual beneficiary of Dr. Nomi’s treatment, patient Paul Slope, whose credentials are just as impressive.

One of the top common understandings each member of our panel has is the importance of automated treatment. As the clip notes, each member is a force in their own right. This means that everyone’s schedule is likely packed with responsibilities. The more accessible treatment is on all sides, the better for all involved.

Get Featured On GIS

With efforts like Dr. Nomi’s, as well as ODO, it’s clear that the intention is to make life easier for all parties. Check out the clip in full above to hear this earth shattering discussion, and what it means for the future of dental work.

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