The Get It Straight Podcast

Featuring Ortho S-Curve

The orthodontic space is full of intricate methods and technologies that are pushing the space forward daily.

Today’s episode sees our hosts, Jason Sirotin and Judd Johns, discussing one particular concept of note. Judd gives a neat understanding of the Ortho S Curve. It “is kind of the sweet spot for [an orthodontic] patient, where they say yes to treatment.”

The concept focuses on the disconnect from casual observers of the field, and what’s actually going on behind the scenes. It functions on transparency, giving them true peak inside operations. This disclosure is a way to give interested parties a complete comprehension, increasing chances of a successful conversion.

Using Consumer Data To Enhance Orthodontics

The S Curve is powered by years worth of customer feedback, collated in actionable data. Many consumers list some pretty hardline factors when deciding to patronize an orthodontist. These include financial commitment, “quality of treatment,” timing and and more as priorities.

Another big concern here is the discrepancy between primary dentist and orthodontist goals. In truth, though they are neighboring industries, there’s so much distinguishing them from one another. Check out Judd’s expert take in full detail by watching the clip above!

Reaching Your Community As An Orthodontists

Your first step as an orthodontist should be digging into your surrounding community. Take the opportunity to “[tap] into your local regional area” to get a good read on what it’ll take to successfully sell a treatment.” You have a value add skill that so many need, and this is a great way to market it.

There are more tips for the trade to consider, and our hosts dive right into them in the clip above. Be sure to check out our extensive episodic archive to hear more from leading subject matter experts. And if you want to be on the next taping of the show, contact us today!