The Get It Straight Podcast

Braces Academy & OS Overview

Welcome to the third entry in our series of podcasts recorded at this year’s (2022) AAO convention.

In this episode, we once again have a couple of esteemed returning guests. Ashley Copeland of Braces Academy, and Stephen Gillum of Ortho Screening were gracious enough to sit with us for another talk!

“It’s been wonderful,” Ashley proclaims of this year’s conference. Like previous sessions, there’s so much to learn and take advantage of for those in the field. Read on for more on our in depth discussion with the pair; you can also listen via the clip above!

What BA & OS Do

Ashley begins the clip discussing just how Braces Academy adds value to its clients. They provide ortho’s with educational scripts and visuals to distribute to their patients. This cuts down on the amount of time spent explaining treatments, and allows patients the space and chance to review things further on their own time.

They even come in multilingual versions, so that patients of all backgrounds can reap the benefits. Overall, this increases efficiency to an exponential degree, maximizing both the provider and patient’s time. Juxtapose this with what Ortho Screening handles, which is getting patients and providers connected. In so many words, these are two premium services that make the lives of all parties involved much less complex.

The Get It Straight Podcast

In the past, orthodontic appointments involved so much menial work. It was a profession in dire need of overhauling and circumventing. Services like Braces Academy and Ortho Screening do just that, cutting down both costs and time spent.

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