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Product Development in Orthodontics

The orthodontic space comes with an endless number of unique aspects to keep track of. There is so much product development that can occur within the span of even a year! That’s the focus of today’s episode of The Get It Straight podcast.

This is yet another entry from our AAO focused series. We were fortunate enough to attend 2022’s American Association of Orthodontists convention. We got to meet some great major players in the industry, and some were even so kind as to sit with us for an in depth discussion. Today’s guests: Joe Glauberman, of Ormco, and Malika Singh, of Mavrik Dental Systems. The former handles Global Product Management for Ormco, while Malika serves as marketing director at Mavrik, respectively.

How Ortho Products Are Conceived

As their titles imply, the offices these two industry giants hold focus a great deal on product development. It’s also worth mentioning that they aren’t the only ones on the episode with such credentials. Our very own co-host, Judd Johns, has a wealth of experience in this specific area, as detailed in the clip above.

As Judd explains, there’s so much that goes into product development in the orthodontic space. A product can go through a multitude of offices and clearance levels before you can even think of a release. Judd, Malika, and Joe have all been instrumental “in some very important launches, some upstream and some downstream, for Ormco.” These are true subject matter experts, and they offer a ton of insight throughout today’s talk.


The Get It Straight Podcast

Like most innovative products, the spark of creativity can draw origins from just about anywhere. This includes the experiences of all conceivable levels in the industry, from top to bottom. Everyone’s input is valuable in the pursuit of a more streamlined, efficient business.

Be sure to check out the podcast in full at both the above and following clips. And if you’re a proud member of orthodontics, we’d love to hear your perspective and journey! Contact us today to learn more about appearing on our show.