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Welcome back to The Get It Straight Podcast! We’re proud to bring you our latest episode from our time at this year’s 2022 AAO Conference. Over 1,000 leaders in the orthodontics field came together for an awesome time. Today’s guest is Harrington Orthodontics. They join our hosts to discuss some of the latest trends and tech in the orthodontic space today.


Representing the practice is its namesake, Dr. Chad Harrington. One of the first things he makes clear is that there’s no specific guideline he follows when it comes to trying new equipment. It’s all about what interests him at first sight, as well as how much value it appears it can add to his practice.

Dental Health = Better Overall Health

“How do you make people healthier and better?” This is one of the main questions that drives Dr. Harrington’s decision making. This requires orthos to not only be experts on dental work, but also on overall patient health. That’s because so much of the rest of your body’s functions can impact your oral health.

For example, did you know that “how you breath affects your teeth!?” That’s right, even your rate of inhaling and exhaling (or your airway) can determine the shape your mouth is in! “Mouth breathers don’t have straight teeth.” Listen to Dr. Harrington break things down in further detail above.

Appearing On GIS

Targeting your airway for the better can enhance several aspects of your quality of life. It’s more than worth it to investigate, to ensure you have less complications in the future.

Check out the rest of our mind blowing discussion with Dr. Harrington in the clip above. And if you’re an ortho looking to have your practice featured on the site, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to learn more!