The Get It Straight Podcast:
Featuring Bentson, Copple, & Associates

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where our host Jason Sirotin speaks with the most interesting figures in orthodontics.

We’re back with yet another great discussion, this time joined by Chris Bentson, President of Bentson, Copple, and Associates. The company assists practices with a laundry list of support features.

As Jay notes, these include “staffing, helping them sell,” and much, much more! For many orthodontists, managing the business side of the space can be a lot to take on. Resources like BC&A are the perfect helping hand to maximize revenues.

Helping Orthos Win

Does your practice need more doctors?
Or maybe you’re ready to put your office on the practice in favor of another pursuit. Whether you’re starting out, or a seasoned vet, BC&A can help reach your goal’s finish line. Their consultations reach virtually all areas of the industry, making them a true force in the field. So how does one reach the point of providing expert consultations to orthodontists?

For Chris, his start began in the late 90’s. Even in these early days, there were clear opportunities to help doctors “automate” the business side for their practice. Though his entry was anything but typical, it would prove to be a welcomed lifelong commitment. While things were certain to change in terms of how this support looks, Chris found it easy to adapt to over the years. To get more information on the company and how it functions, check out

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