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Featuring Gaidge 2 InGaidge

Welcome back to the Get It Straight Podcast, where we speak with the top orthodontists in the business!

Today’s episode features a look into the Gaidge 2 InGaidge event. Gaidge Orthodontics hosts the gathering on a yearly basis. Joining us to discuss is Suzanne Wilson, the Chief Marketing Officer of Gaidge.

Taking A Leap Of Faith Into Orthodontics

Many of the materials made at the aforementioned place were for orthodontists. Through her connections made here, Suzanne was able to gain opportunities in a related organization. Once in position, she absolutely crushed it! This would propel her into her lifelong career, yielding a great deal of success and fulfillment.

The beauty of this serendipitous moment is that she didn’t even have to get a degree to pursue it! As Jay puts it, she was basically “picked up in the minor leagues.” Fast forward to the present day, and she’s a valued executive at Gaidge. It’s a prime example of how the orthodontic space holds opportunity for far more than only orthodontists.

The GIS Podcast

This may seem like a unique circumstance, and there’s for sure a considerable amount of favor in her tale. But the common thread present in Suzanne’s path revolves around pursuing passions. Regardless of the industry, the more you dive into your productive passions, the more likely you are to love what you end up doing.

Listen above to hear the interview in full. For those wanting to learn more about the practice, you can visit the Gaidge website. And for all attending the forthcoming event, we know it’ll be as fortuitous as Suzanne’s past experiences. We’ll see you next time on The Get It Straight Podcast!