The Get It Straight Podcast

Featuring Braces Academy

The Get It Straight Podcast is more than happy to welcome Braces Academy’s CEO, Stephen Gillum and Customer Success/Marketing Manager, Ashley Copeland, in this week’s episode.

Braces Academy is a software program which originated from Cosse and Silmon’s office. Their content provides viewers with 3D graphics that touch on hundreds of “ortho” related topics. There are basics on how to brush or floss, all the way up to how to properly take care of equipment…you name it and they have it!

Benefits of Braces Academy

Whatever practice wouldn’t want to lower costs through timeframe efficiency, and up their practice quality by providing sophistication. The company’s objective is exactly that. Being a reasonably priced monthly subscription makes it all the more worth it. Practices are busy enough prioritizing the time they are spending putting equipment on the patients. Braces Academy not only gives access to their practices but patients of the practice too. They can send home informative videos for patients to refer to. It is as simple as it seems, with only the touch of a button.

Above and Beyond

Braces Academy makes it their goal to “pivot where the industry is needed,” says CEO, Stephen Gillum. Braces Academy is up to date with hygiene and safe keeping of equipment. They even go as far as traveling to individual offices, across the nation. These are people who have peaked an interest in subscribing. They spend time training office staff on the ins and outs of Braces Academy. They make opportunities for practices in any location. Check out Braces Academy at for a 30 day free subscription by letting them know you tuned into this podcast.

See You Next Time

Thank you for tuning in on today’s episode of The Get It Straight Podcast, featuring Ashley and Stephen, the backbone of Braces Academy. The Get It Straight Podcast sheds light on professionals who impact the Orthodontist industry. Join us next time and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.