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Gaidge Orthodontics

We are pleased to have Ryan Moynihan, CEO of Gaidge Automated Business Intelligence on today’s episode of The Get It Straight Podcast.

Ryan Moynihan had no idea he would ever end up in the “ortho” industry. Out of business school, he pushed himself working for 3M, doing 3-6 week projects at a time. Ryan was hired in an interview, due to the fact that he used data to show the sales reps in what areas they should be pivoting towards. A few years went by and Mary Beth, owner of Gaidge, called Ryan, requesting that he might run Gaidge in the northeast. Only from that moment on, did Gaidge grow.

Enhancing Practice Management

Gaidge is a data business intelligence for orthodontist offices. In other words, Gaidge makes data based decisions to examine resources. The purpose of Gaidge goes beyond making data, but dives into motivating practices to monitor what may need improvement. It enhances and simplifies practice management. Ryan explains, for example, looking at the data may tell you if you are exceeding treatment time. By knowing this, the practice may be able to course correct. The goal of consumer conversion waterfall is to maximize new patient calls and increase engagement for the practice.

Diving into Data

Each practice has different metrics, they can choose a few metrics out of the many offered. As they focus on those few, Gaidge makes clear of their strengths and weaknesses. Market mapping and the smart measure approach are two of the tools Ryan finds necessary. With cooperation of the practice, Gaidge can have live data ready for them within 2-3 days. Ryan expresses that it does not matter the size of the practice that they work with. Visit if you are interested in learning more or getting a demo with Gaidge.

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