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Risinger Orthodontics

The Get It Straight Podcast is more than happy to welcome two staff members from Risinger Orthodontics.

Rebecca and Jenny manage the office and do a phenomenal job making sure everything is running well. Risinger Orthodontics started in 1968 and is located in Glastonbury, CT. They make it clear that they want all patients to feel assured of their value. Their office is known for its fun culture, as they had games and a movie theater pre-pandemic. Rebecca and Jenny strive to replenish that culture again, in the near future.

Risinger Orthodontics Logo

The Backstory of Risinger Orthodontics

It all began with Dr. Risinger, retired for some time now but left with a colossal impact. Dr. Risinger approached every patient like his own child, and informed them of what would be most fitting for their situation. He acted in accordance by giving patients the best care and experience possible. Dr. Rick has taken over with a great reputation behind Dr. Risinger. Dr. Rick has a reputation for treatment time efficiency which benefits individuals schedules. In fact, Rebecca mentioned that their patients get same day treatment in a lot of cases.

What Does the Future Hold

As time keeps moving, Jenny believes that within the next two years Risinger has potential for expansion. They plan to grow virtually as well. Brain Bytes takes note of each office’s needs, which stuck out to Risinger. Brain Bytes has proved to be their strongest marketing strategy within the past few years. Brain Bytes stands by the work life balance in the orthodontist field. Check out more about Risinger Orthodontics at or if you are in the area of Glastonbury, CT.

See You Next Time

Thank you for tuning in on today’s episode of The Get It Straight Podcast, featuring Rebecca and Jenny, from Risinger Orthodontics. Brain Bytes Creative invites you to come back to hear from more of the orthodontist industries well known office staff members and professionals. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.