The Get It Straight Podcast

Featuring Harvey & Thomas Orthodontics

We are happy to welcome Dr. Keith Harvey and Dr. Carter Thomas to The Get It Straight Podcast.

Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics is located in Alabama. It has branched out into three locations, over the years. Dr. Harvey was educated at LSU. He gained his experience through absorbing the information he had shadowed, first hand. Dr. Thomas, grew up with a dream to take after his father’s career in pediatric dentistry. Instead, he became interested in pursuing his career as an orthodontist. Rather than practicing in Boston, where he attended school, Dr. Thomas went back home. He describes Mobile, AL as a family oriented, unique southern city.
The two of them mended a friendship before starting their practice.

Staff and Patients

Dr. Harvey and Dr. Thomas go beyond pleasing their staff and patients. Their involvement in “The Cleft Palate Team,” is a commitment of their time. Based out of Alabama, they take care of children with congenital deformities. Their Orthodontist office stands by the quality of their staff. The staff consist of a healthy mix of the young and the experienced. They live by the value of time for each patient, with no rush. They give a tour to every patient. Dr. Harvey says to “take care of your patients, take care of your staff and everything else will take care of itself.” On the top of their list, they strive for every patient’s results to be outstanding.

Transparency Marketing

They speak on the importance of transparency in marketing their practice. Digital marketing is beginning to have an edge on the traditional methods. They take part in digital marketing as a tool to continue progressing. Harvey and Thomas express their thanks to Brain Bytes Creative for bringing in non branding leads to their office. Check out their website at and make sure to check out their office, if you are in the area!

See You Next Time

Thank you for checking out The Get It Straight Podcast, featuring two of the most proficient orthodontists. Brain Bytes Creative enjoys participating in the success of Orthodontist offices, across the nation. Come back to see who is featured in our next podcast. Do not hesitate to reach out in regards to any questions you may have.