The Get It Straight Podcast

Featuring Cosse & Silmon

Dr. Chris Cosse followed in his fathers footsteps.

He came to the realization that pre-med was draining his energy. Dr. Cosse began his adventure as an orthodontist at Cosse and Silmon Orthodontics. He spent the first few years establishing himself, and shadowing his father. He learned that his father was his guide to success, as he was right more than wrong. Dr. Cosse has continued the legacy of his family as he has expanded their business. Cosse and Silmon Orthodontics, has branched into four locations to accommodate their patients.

Making One Smile Beautiful At a Time

Dr. Chris Cosse believes that educating his patients with honesty is a recipe for success. As an orthodontist specialist, his goal is to make one smile confident and beautiful at a time. Dr. Cosse found that their business has thrived by word of mouth and digital marketing. He believes digital marketing takes precedence over print ads in this day and age. With the pandemic and technological advancements, virtual consultations have become a popular alternative. Dr. Cosse has made virtual consultations possible for his patients.

Braces Academy

Braces Academy is a website run by Dr. Cosse which includes educational videos. He began this website with the idea that he could educate patients from other practices. Braces Academy has been a sucessful and informative resource. Dr. Cosse has proven his qualification in his expertise as an orthodontist. Each film gives viewers access to a wider range of information about oral care and hygiene. Check out the one of a kind, Dr. Chris Cosse through and

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