What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Do you have plenty of website traffic but a small percentage of users who become customers? If so, CRO marketing is perfect for you. Conversion rate optimization is a digital marketing strategy that increases the percentage of users on your website who convert. It's the art and science of optimizing your site to encourage users to take a desired action, whether that’s contacting your sales team as a new lead, buying your product, or otherwise engaging your company for a service. We believe the most effective CRO services exist as a marriage between analytical reasoning, objective experimentation, and compelling creative.

Read our blog to learn more about what CRO is and why it matters.

Why Do You Need a CRO Agency?

Hiring an agency is a great alternative to hiring a dedicated CRO team or trying to learn it yourself. Working with an agency is the most cost-effective and time-effective way to receive full access to qualified data scientists, UI/UX experts, designers, and copywriters. With Brain Bytes Creative's digital marketing resources, you’ll have access to a team of dedicated experts working to maximize the ROI of your website. Almost every website can benefit from CRO, but we highly recommend CRO programs for websites with substantial traffic (over 5,000 users per month) but a below average conversion rate (2.5% or less).

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What is a website conversion?

A conversion is simply any action you want a visitor to take on your website. Making a purchase, requesting a demo, filling out a form, and calling a phone number are all conversions. Our CRO program targets revenue-focused conversions, those that boost your bottom line.

Our Conversion Optimization Services

Our conversion rate experts don't blindly follow “hunches” or apply generic best practices to your site. In fact, in CRO, there is no such thing as best practices. We conduct rigorous, data-driven analyses and tests that focus on your specific context and goals.

A/B Testing, Split URL Testing, Multivariate Testing

The most cutting edge techniques aren't meaningful until backed by hard data derived from thorough testing. With us you'll find, we conduct meticulous tests to prove which variation will best serve your users (and your bottom line). In most cases, our team uses AB or ABn tests, but in specialized cases, we use split URL or multivariate testing techniques. In the end, we let the data speak for itself as we uncover new insights about your particular audience and how to optimize for conversions. Learn more about our AB testing services.

Heat Map Analysis and Click Tracking

Our CRO experts work with real-time, interactive mapping tools to gain an in-depth view of where your users are clicking, scrolling, and interacting with your site. The most common visualization tools we use are heat mapping, to track how far users scroll on top landing pages across desktop and mobile, and click maps that track where users are clicking. Once we understand how users are behaving, we can confidently focus on the areas of your site that would benefit the most from optimization.

Website Conversion Reporting

With comprehensive reporting, you will always understand what our strategy is, the reasoning behind it, and how it is benefitting your ROI. Goals are clearly defined by key performance indicators, metrics that are tied to revenue, such as form submissions, percentage increases in ecommerce sales, or other specific metrics that tie directly into your overall business objectives. We also track leading performance indicators – metrics that support KPI’s – and tactical performance indicators – conversion metrics not tied to revenue. We track constantly and report both monthly and quarterly.

Ecommerce Optimization

We offer specialized ecommerce CRO programs for clients in the B2C space. In addition to our generalized CRO offerings, which include quantitative & qualitative data analysis and testing & reporting, our ecommerce programs place a special emphasis on shopping cart abandonment analysis and how website experiences interact with their overall perception of the brand. As always, our efforts are focused on boosting your revenue. Learn more about our ecommerce optimization services.

Webpage Analysis and Optimization

You're super savvy and have identified exactly where your users are dropping off, but you can’t figure out why. You'll want our experts to run a webpage analysis on this page. We'll dive into our data sources scouring for ideas to lift conversions for your webpage.

Conversion Rate Audit featuring BBC’s 10 Point Conversion Analysis

Our conversion rate audit will provide you with a list of go forward recommendations to implement on your site and a list of A/B testing options. Featuring our 10 Point Conversion analysis, our insights are focused around value proposition, relevance, trust, clarity, incentives, anxiety, distraction, engagement, urgency and type of sale. An audit is the perfect option for those who aren't ready to commit to a monthly retainer yet but want some quick fixes to boost conversions.

You can also request a free abbreviated CRO audit from BBC here.

Landing Page Optimization

Converting landing pages are necessary when you're paying for clicks. Our team will analyze traffic coming to your landing pages, learn about visitor behavior, understand missing conversion factors and conduct A/B tests or design a new landing experience based on data to increase conversions. Learn more about our landing page optimization services.

Competitive Analysis

We identify things you’re top competitors are doing well and poorly to help you stay on top of your competition. By gaining deeper insight into your brand’s positioning, we learn about what sets you apart in the eyes of customers -- and what will drive them to convert. A competitive analysis is an essential activity to complement ongoing CRO efforts.

Ready to boost conversions?

Our customizable CRO services start at $5,000. 

Our Approach to Effective CRO

We approach each new engagement with an inquisitive attitude, learning about your specific audience and goals in order to craft a well-rounded strategy for success. Here’s what you can expect when working with the CRO experts at Brain Bytes Creative:

Research & Analysis

Our conversion specialists take time to conduct qualitative and quantitative research for your brand and website. Understanding how your target audience acts in the digital world gives us insights into what convinces them to convert.

UI/UX and Design

Based on research and digital marketing expertise, our designers and copywriters thoughtfully design test variations with our users in mind to create tests that convert.


After the tests are designed, we press the launch button these high impact tests and collect data to evaluate their effectiveness. Our users interact with these tests until they achieve a statistical significance.


Once a statistical significance is reached, we will come across one of two outcomes. Winning test variations are implemented on your website. Losing test variations are analyzed for marketing insights and go back to the queue for more testing. Either way, we consider new insights a win!

We Drive Measurable Website Conversion Results

Our disciplined, data-driven approach means it’s easy to prove results. Download our CRO case study to learn more about how we successfully improved form performance for an orthopaedic practice in the Southeast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s special about the Brain Bytes Creative CRO approach?
    • The Brain Bytes approach to CRO is experimental and iterative. We work in cycles of scrutinizing data, hypothesizing, testing, implementing changes and reporting. We’ve found that this process leads to the greatest results.
    • Nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed. Because we want to support our clients and their success, we’ll openly share failed tests with you. We’ll celebrate the wins but also share the red numbers and what we learned. Transparency matters to us.
    • Because your success is the most important part of our work, we’ve developed many offerings and can offer you a customizable CRO plan.
Is a conversion rate optimization services or program right for my needs?
    • CRO focuses on taking traffic you already have and making it more profitable. After all, it’s easier to convert traffic you already have than brand new traffic.
    • Almost every website can benefit from a CRO program, but there are several traits that make you a key candidate, meaning you’ll benefit the most drastically. These include:
      • Substantial traffic (over 5,000 users per month)
      • Below average conversion rate (2.5% or less)
    • We’ve worked with B2B and B2C clients across many industries:
      • Technology
      • Financial
      • Software
      • Insurance
      • Startups
      • Healthcare and Medical
      • Marketing and Advertising
      • Ecommerce (including luxury, specialty and wholesale)

You can read more about CRO in general here.

What kinds of results should I expect?
    • We begin each engagement by working to identify client goals and align our work and expectations. Typically, you can expect to see big wins beginning at the end of the first month of a CRO program as we uncover changes that will start to boost conversions.
    • You can read one of our case studies here.

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