Brand Marketing & Strategy

From naming to logos, competitive analyses to customized roadmaps, we bring brands to life.

What is brand strategy?

An image of Times Square with big electronic billboards, traffic, and a large crowd.

Brand strategy is the practice of developing long-term plans designed to help you accomplish your business goals.

It’s more than logos and billboards and snarky Twitter accounts.
It requires deep understanding of your market, business and audience. Followed by development of data-driven plans and creative concepts to catch the attention of the right people, and the know-how to push them gently towards conversion.

Why is brand strategy important?

Hard to know if you’re on the right track if you don’t know where you’re going.

Before you start throwing ads and messaging out into the world, you have to figure out where you are and where you’d like your business to go. Who are your real target users, and why? What are they looking for, and why are you the perfect fit for them?

Once you start digging in, you’ll quickly see that no two businesses are alike — even those competing in the same market. You need a plan curated for your specific goals and differentiators.

With specific goals and data-driven plans in mind, you can get to work.
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Our brand marketing and strategy services

Our approach is data-driven and holistic. From brand analysis to transparent
reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Brand analysis

We conduct market research and robust competitive audits to uncover insights about your brand and its current positioning in the market.


From developing your brand voice and tone to creating taglines and naming brands + products, we’ll help you set a memorable tone that suits your brand.

Visual design

Your brand’s visual identity is more than just a logo. We’ll help you create an identity and branding standards that keep your brand consistent and unforgettable.


Everything begins with understanding your customer. We’ll help you create user personas, articulate your mission and purpose, and effectively position your brand. We work with media buyers to ensure campaigns are getting maximum benefit. Our brand marketing services also include content strategy and launch strategy.


First and foremost, we are a transparent agency. We openly share our mistakes and strive to be true partners. We work on quarterly plans to allow ample time to collect tangible and actionable data. We also offer managed marketing services for clients looking to take their strategy to the next level.

The Brain Bytes approach to effective brand strategy services

We do things differently around here.

Start with research.

About your market, your business, your competitors, and your audience.
If we told you we could give you robust recommendations just by looking at your website, we’d be lying.

Data drives everything.

Sure, sometimes a gut feeling can result in outstanding creative concepts.
But most of the time? Amazing brand strategy is driven by data and facts.

It takes a village.

We’re great at running brand strategy because we play well with others.
Whether it’s your internal team, or your other marketing vendors, we’re adept at building collaborative relationships.

Tell it like it is.

You don’t need “yes men.” You need researchers, journalists, analysts and creatives guided by data and truth.
We’re not afraid to tell you when we disagree with you. In fact, it’s a critical part of our job.

Request a consultation.

Want our two cents on your project? Ask and you shall receive.

“I’m looking for something else… Can I just email you?”

Of course.