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Discover where you stand against the competition in your industry, find new SEO tactics that work, and improve your digital strategy with in-depth competitor analysis.

What is SEO competitor analysis?

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All businesses have competition.

From an SEO perspective, it’s crucial to know who you are competing against in search engine rankings and what it is they’re doing to be successful.

A competitor analysis investigates the SEO techniques, traffic levels, and rankings of your competition to help you to see where you stack up in comparison.

Why is SEO competitor analysis important?

Get a glimpse into your competition’s strategy.

Performing a competitor analysis gives you a glimpse into the digital marketing strategy of your competition. It also helps you stay on top of industry trends.

Uncovering keywords that competitors rank highly for, backlinks they have from other sites, and content they’ve published that’s getting noticed gives you insight into what tactics are working, or not working, and plays an important role in determining your SEO strategy.

How can you benefit from a competitor analysis?

BBC’s approach to SEO competitor analysis

Our team of SEO professionals starts by identifying your biggest industry competitors.

We’ll work with you to learn who you look at as your top competition and uncover others succeeding in your field. Using top industry tools, we evaluate their traffic, backlink profile, targeted keywords, domain authority, content, and social strategies to see what it is that’s giving them an edge.

The point of the competitor analysis isn’t to see what they’re doing and copy it, but to see what they’re doing and do it better.

At Brain Bytes, we’ll figure out the tactics that are having a positive impact, and help you build a strategy that improves on these areas to set your site apart from the rest.
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