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Improve your search visibility, lower bounce rates, and boost conversions with ecommerce SEO.

What is ecommerce SEO?

You’ve likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO) before.

But maybe you’re unsure how SEO services for ecommerce websites can benefit your business’s online store.

Simply put, ecommerce SEO is identifying critical areas of opportunity through the process of analyzing a web-store, then strategizing and implementing improvements, reviewing the implementation change results, and scaling the strategy from those findings. Rinse. Repeat.

Why is ecommerce SEO important?

If you have an ecommerce store, you know the struggle of getting people to your site.

Not to mention hoping they find what they’re looking for before they get frustrated by page load speed, navigation flaws, or lack of site search functionality — the dreaded zero result search.

That’s where our ecommerce SEO services come in. You focus on your inventory, let us do the “heavy lifting.”

The benefits of ecommerce SEO services

There are so many benefits to using SEO services for ecommerce websites.

One of the biggest is the ability to pull out from paid advertising as your organic listings improve and since organic traffic is free, everybody wins!

So how can our ecommerce SEO services benefit your store’s position in SERPs? Here are the major benefits you’ll receive:

BBC’s approach to ecommerce SEO services

Ecommerce sites are built a lot like the sales funnel: The further into the buying cycle the visitor is, the more targeted the content they’re looking for is.

For an ecommerce website, the homepage is the least valuable, but a product page is where most conversions happen.

Our SEO team completes a thorough analysis of your ecommerce site from the homepage to the category pages to each individual product page, that will uncover opportunistic areas of focus for our team.

During the analysis, we review the fine details that will make up four potential strategies for your site’s ecommerce SEO plan.

Once strategies are created and approved we’ll begin implementing changes, reanalyzing data, and readjusting those strategies accordingly. Our focus areas are:


This is a prerequisite of our ecommerce strategy.

Our team will review your SSL certificates to make sure they’re valid. If your site is not yet secured, we’ll help you get there.

As of July 2018, all websites should be operating under HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure). This is especially important for ecommerce sites because of the sensitive information (name, address, credit card data) being transmitted between customers and your site over the internet.

Having a secured site protects both your business and your site’s visitors from malicious activity.

Keyword strategy

Keyword research is imperative to the success of any ecommerce site.

After all, if your site doesn’t rank for specific keywords, people can’t find your products, and if they can’t find your products, they certainly can’t purchase them.

Our team researches and creates a keyword opportunity plan based on search volume, intent, and competition. We then use this opportunity plan as the foundation of your keyword strategy.

Technical SEO & code optimization

If your ecommerce site has not successfully implemented technical SEO tactics or if the code is not properly optimized, it will be difficult for search engines to find your site, let alone rank it.

And forget making sales from organic leads.

Our team will analyze technical attributes of your site from XML sitemaps to faceted navigation, and we’ll review code optimization opportunities like site speed and structured data markup to ensure you’ve got all the checks and balances in place in order to rank and convert.

Site search optimization

Understanding how people search for products is valuable data for an ecommerce site.

This can inform merchandising decisions, prioritization of sale items and more. And to the same effect of keyword research, if people do find your site but your site search bar constantly returns zero results, they may think your store doesn’t sell what they need.

Our team is able to create reports from your enterprise site search platform to help keep you informed on how people are using your site so that you can make the best merchandising decisions for your brand. We can also help get rid of those dreaded zero result searches by adding synonym keywords and redirect links to the appropriate product.

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