We Build Websites

How do we build a website? This is where we might wax lyrical about our approaches to UI/UX design, digital strategy, and technical abilities (we’ll flex later). Instead we’d like to start simply with a story: your story. It’s the story that will drive traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions. By setting out to understand that vision and what it means to customers, we can fill in the technical gaps with a website that truly resonates with customers and represents who you are. Here’s how:

How We Build Websites

Concepting & Strategy

At the beginning of any project, we conduct a thorough discovery and technical planning phase that align our team to your vision. We uncover user pain points, learn your business KPIs, and analyze your competitive landscape. After gathering requirements for the site, we transform all this knowledge into prototypes and content-driven wireframes.

Custom Web Design

Using best web practices and heuristic know-how, we strategize the user experience of your website-to-be. UI/UX leads the charge for future design wireframes, page comps, and the finished site. We prioritize responsive design principles that adapts your site’s content and functionality to fit any screen or device.


This is where our development team aligns the designs with the functionalities..
- Align with designs
- Transform designs into rich, interactive websites
- Thorough testing/QA
- Smooth launch / launch support

Our Website Design & Development Capabilities

Atlanta, Georgia Web Developer Brain Bytes Creative
Content Management Systems

If your work-of-art website has to stay behind a glass display, it doesn't do you much good. We build robust, manageable back-end systems that give you the capability to keep evolving your site as you evolve. We work with your team to figure out your functionality needs, from custom integrations to content management.


If you’re trying to create the ultimate online shopping experience, Brain Bytes can augment your website with easy-to-use payment, inventory management, and order processing systems. Our CRO experts map out the best practices to optimize your traffic conversions. And our customer experience prioritizes a quick checkout process.

Marketing Support

We affectionately refer to sites not optimized for search engines as “billboards in the middle of the desert.” Websites should be more searchable, and therefore smarter, and we ensure this by implementing a variety of technical SEO tools, including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, that empower your team with actionable user data.

Maintenance & Support

Every now and then, your site might need a tuneup or a freshening up. We support your website by keeping it up to date, secure and are always on the lookout for improvements that can and should be made.

Our Native Tongues - Our Favorite Programming Languages

Who We Help


We create superpowered lead gen platforms to transform your company into an industry leader.

e-Commerce Sites

We make memorable customer experiences that are speedy, responsive, and generate high returns.

Startups and Products

We blossom startups into full-fledged brands through iterative website development that grows alongside your brand.

We’re not a bunch of assholes

Our developers are not assholes, plain and simple. We’re not in the business of confusing clients, scaring them, or unnecessarily complicating projects. Working in technology, we understand how stressful it is to rely on someone to know the tech when you yourself don’t. The process of developing a website is already enough work, so we try to make things as comfortable as possible.

We’re sounding boards

We’re not here to be website Xerox machines. Instead, we seek to form creative partnerships with your organization when developing your site. The best client relationships rely on our ability to be a sounding board to bounce off ideas and improve them.

We worship usability

User experience exists in every interaction, including how your team interfaces with your own website. The experience between client and back-end should be just as joyful as user and front-end. Therefore, our primary goal is always to develop a website that is usable and inspired from inside to out.